Retail Marketing Specialists.

Our work philosophy in the world of Retail is to help our clients improve their brand positioning at the point of sale, thanks to a 360º strategy that goes from the management of sales force routes to achieve the best coverage, to the creation of campaigns and POS production to gain visibility and in-store dynamization with promoter campaigns or special actions both inside and outside the retailer.

Sales Force (GPV)


We specialize in capturing and managing GPVs that allow our clients to increase sales and manage their product at the point of sale immediately thanks to our real-time reporting tools.

As retail specialists we have the knowledge of the main retailers in Spain and Portugal in different product lines to be able to decide which is the right route or where and when to carry out special actions to promote the sales of a product.

Generation of customized planograms, based on the store and product to be exhibited.

Key objectives of our sales force.

Gain visibility.

Negotiation of second spaces.

Registration in all the access systems of retailers in Spain and Portugal(UCAGECI, etc...).

Prevent stock-outs.

Improve the share of shelf of our customers.

PLV implementation to activate and highlight the product.


In many cases, whether or not there is a promoter at the point of sale, the consumer will choose one product or another.

Thanks to our experience we have an extensive database of specialist profiles in different sectors, trained in sales techniques and perfect knowledge of the different retailers in Spain and Portugal.

We are approved in all retailers so we can immediately access any store, speeding up our customers' campaign implementation times.

The use of collaborative tools and online reporting accelerates the timeframes in which data is managed, having access to information in real time.

We generate incentive and career plans with our promoters to motivate the success of the campaigns.

Retail Field Marketing


We create and design customized campaigns for our clients for each point of sale and time of the year.

Dynamizations with POS material, special experience zones with integral management from beginning to end.

As retail specialists, we have our own design team capable of generating exclusive products adapted to the needs of each client.

We produce POS materials, stands, ad-hoc furniture and even Shop in Shop for large shopping centers.

We take care of the implementation of POS throughout the peninsula and islands.


Real-time online reporting

We have a set of online tools that we make available to our clients so that they can generate their customized reports.

With these tools the customer is guaranteed:

Real-time data collection and visualization.

Photo galleries.

Geolocation of promoters and GPVs.

Immediate and personalized stock alerts.

Route management and assignment.
KPIs analysis .

Outsourcing Proactive service monitoring

Mystery Shopper / Audits


Being able to know before the competition what is happening at the point of sale is key to making successful decisions.

To this end, we have teams of retail specialists trained in product analysis at the point of sale throughout the peninsula.

Ability to implement strategic visitor campaigns in a very short period of time.

Real-time information for our customers, with customized reports, product photographs and POS material of our own or our competitors' products.

We are an approved agency

They trust us

What our customers say

"Omnitel is synonymous with teamwork, collaboration, unconditional support, first class professionals and human quality.
For us it is more than an agency, they are partners on the road. We build hand in hand and grow together in every small or big project.

We have evolved together and become stronger!

We have never ceased to have challenges that allow us to adapt to all situations and moments, and thanks to their flexibility we deliver the results we need for our customers and consumers.

At the end of the day, companies are looking for a reliable partner with whom we can offer the best of ourselves to the market and we have found that in Omnitel.

Thank you for being the way you are!"

Catalina Roa

HP Head of Iberia Marketing

"Thanks to Omnitel's knowledge of the retail market, and its experience in this sector has allowed us to optimize the performance of in-store promoters and put in place a successful sales force team in Spain.
The growth in the years we have been working together is the result of close collaboration and maximum trust."

Alicia Fernandez

Marketing Manager, Philips TV

"We have been working with Omnitel for years, in all the projects they have done with us they have achieved the best performance with great execution and follow up.

They have a great knowledge of the retail business in Spain and very good professionals in different areas: marketing, store execution and promoters."

Marta Zafra

Trade Marketing Manager, HP

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