360º marketing services.

The Omnitel Formula combines the best techniques to achieve your business objectives.

We are specialists in global strategies in marketing and digital marketing services . The key to success is the definition and execution of complete actions, so we offer an omnichannel service and a joint vision to our customers, with the latest technologies.

Digital Marketing & Sales Engine

Marketing as a Service

From Omnitel together with Digital360, we have developed Digital Marketing & Sales Engine.

Digital Marketing & Sales Engine is an annual subscription service that allows us to manage all of our clients' online marketing and lead generation activities in an end-to-end logic.

An innovative approach that integrates our marketing expertise, our specialization in the B2B technology sector, our editorial assets and the professional use of CRM and automation technology platforms (HubSpot), which allows us to offer services in subscription mode to take care of highly specialized marketing and sales activities on an ongoing basis.

Omnichannel Digital Lead Generation Strategies

SEM, Programmatic, Email Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

These actions are designed to achieve a great impact among the selected target(awareness) and can contribute to demand generation if we place valuable content(lead magnet) in the landing page to which we send the clicks for this purpose.

Programmatic Advertising Campaign: Campaign in Native, Display and Email formats with the objective of obtaining qualified traffic.

Email Marketing Campaigns: Email campaigns to segmented database for lead generation with programmatic sending and remarketing.

Google SEM Campaign: Google Ads Campaign in content and display format

RRSS Campaign: Actions on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter using different formats and segmentation to guarantee ROI.

Social Selling


Getting customers through social networks: the biggest obsession in digital marketing.

We work to create Demand Generation campaigns using materials and content of value to the client.

We develop segmented ads focused 100% on the Buyer persona of each of our clients.

We put the spotlight on the world's largest professional network: LinkedIn.

Webinars and Webinar management

We will use this action to increase the notoriety of the message we want to give and get the maximum possible registrants.

Script: Writing the webinar content together with the editorial team and Omnitel.
Recording: On-site / online
Production: Editing of the video, labels and infographics.
Landing page development: It will be used to collect leads.
Dissemination: Content marketing, mailing, display and RRSS actions will be carried out.

Digital Audio Advertisement


Specialized advertising in digital audio, so you can advertise more efficiently, impacting your target more accurately, both directly and programmatically.

Product details: Digital audio with a duration between 20 and 30 seconds + banner (300×250 and 728×90).

Formats: PRE-ROLL (at the beginning of playback), MID-ROLL (in the middle of playback) and POST-ROLL (at the end of programming, only for PODCAST).

Segmentation: Demographic/Geographic, by podcast channels (technology, economy, business...), by broadcaster, by content...

Media: Spotify, Podcast and Digital Radio.

Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

Programmatic advertising campaigns are designed with the ultimate goal of generating a high volume of qualified traffic.

Programmatic advertising is a type of online advertising in which the advertiser buys audiences and not spaces as in traditional advertising; a type of advertising that is based on Big Data.

In programmatic only ads appear to our target audience, while in "traditional" advertising you impact all visits, whether they are of your target audience or not, paying for all impacts.

Ghost Management Services

Outsourced professional management of executive profiles in the ICT industry. A service that aims to:

Update and improve the manager's profile on LinkedIn.

Professionalize with an external service the presence on LinkedIn of the technology company's executive.

Increase personal awareness on LinkedIn

Increase company awareness on LinkedIn

To increase the manager's networking in universes of companies and business profiles targeted by OMNITEL's customers.

Specialized Communication and PR Services

We support our clients to increase their presence in the media and among their target audiences through customized communication strategies.

Interviews, Press Releases, Press Conferences, Articles, Specialized Translations for ICT companies, etc...


Omnitel provides its customers with a dedicated resource with a trained IT profile, who will receive additional training from the customer to assimilate the value message to be communicated to the potential customer.

The CLIENT and Omnitel will have an initial meeting to clearly and precisely define the main information to be collected, both quantitative and qualitative, and a call script will be prepared (under the supervision of the CLIENT), which once validated will be used by the Omnitel resource.

Account Based Selling Services

Increased sales funnnel by focusing on strategic accounts.

A mixed digital and telephonic approach to potential customers.

Requires advanced use of linkedin for filtering companies and profiles.

It is also based on the creation of valuable content for new contacts impacted in the digital channel. Creation of presentations, follow strategic accounts, close virtual meetings, etc.

It requires perseverance and a dedicated resource over a given period.

Design and Creativity

Achieve more effective campaigns, powerful concepts, awareness and positioning. Your objectives achieved with the finest execution

Creativity to the power.
We help you with the briefing to get all the information out and we shape concepts by creating messages that kill many birds with one stone. Or we make a precise impact on that unique aspect that defines you.

We restyle your brand.
We readapt websites.
We create corporate animations.
We do design, graphics, plans and professional spots.

Content Marketing and Automated Marketing Services

Implementation and maintenance of Automated Marketing services.

We will create automated processes that allow us to scale our marketing operations. We will be able to, for example:

Generate automatic responses to new registrations.

Classify users based on behavior and send personalized content when they meet certain criteria

Report new content.

Send a content a few days after downloading another one...

ICT and Economic Media Campaigns

We determine the objectives with our client, define the target audience for each campaign, select and choose the best media.

Balancing investment and adjusting content and messages for each channel.  

Some examples of our marketing actions

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